James R. Erickson Ph.D.

Senior Transaction Advisor

Dr. Erickson recently serves as President and Chief Executive Office at Revlar Labs, an immune-diagnostic company focused on infectious diseases. Jim provides technical and business advice to Ferghana on diagnostics, immunology and other subjects for select Ferghana clients and prospects.

Prior to Revlar, Dr. Erickson was a Director with Ferghana for the past eight years and was involved in M&A, private placements and corporate partnering in diagnostics, medical devices and therapeutics. Dr. Erickson now works in a strategic transaction advisory role with Ferghana. Dr. Erickson has held senior management roles at companies including Exactus, point-of-care diagnostic device company, AGY Therapeutics, a neuro-genomics company, and Entelos, a predictive biosimulations company.

In 2005, Dr. Erickson founded BayPoint Biosystems, a proteomic company focused on commercializing diagnostics and research tools technology from the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Under his direction as CEO, BayPoint established biomarker discovery and companion diagnostic development alliances with 12 pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science companies.

Dr. Erickson graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in biochemistry and received his Ph.D. in genetics from Washington University, St. Louis.