The Firm

The Ferghana team is global, independent and strategic with an international perspective. This group of industry experts has deep scientific and clinical knowledge and a diverse mix of skills ranging from operating experience, interaction with regulatory authorities, dealing with CMC issues, mastery of pioneering science, sales/marketing, to creative transactional experience [as advisors and principals].

Dedicated to Client Service

Ferghana believes that its dedicated teams of domain experts and creative bankers
will deliver superior service and results to its clients from all over the world.

Ferghana Legend

Once upon a time, long, long ago, and certainly very far away, Genghis Khan and his Mongolian warriors left the highlands of Central Asia to conquer the world as it was then known. They were mounted on small, agile ponies that faded fast when ridden hard. The Mongol horde was divided into three armies, the Greater, the Middle and the Lesser. In fact, the word ‘horde’ is descended directly from the Mongolian word erdodu which means “army”.

At some point in their relentless push westward and southward, the Khan’s armies came to the lush and fertile valley of Ferghana, lying in the mountains of western Central Asia (today called Uzbekistan). There they found a breed of bigger, faster and smarter horses. The Khan left the Middle Horde ringing round this 70 mile by 150 mile lush valley to prevent his enemies from being as well mounted and from having the same mobile cavalry capacities of persistence, speed, daring and surprise.

History shows that the Mongol Horde pushed ever onward, right up to the gates of Vienna when a cousin of the Great Khan got sick and all the warriors and their camp followers came home. They brought with them the Ferghana horse, which has since been embodied in porcelain, wooden sculptures and paintings in subsequent centuries of Chinese Art.

The Founders of Ferghana Partners chose the Ferghana horse as a symbol of the firm and the name “Ferghana” to identify that horse, because the implied message is “Riding the Ferghana horse, you too can conquer the world”.


Based in New York, Boston and California for coverage in the US, Canada and Australia/New Zealand


Authorized by FINRA for securities transactions in the US or by US-based companies


Based in London for coverage in
the UK, Europe and Japan


Authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority for securities transactions in the UK and passported to European countries.

Transactional Expertise

Ferghana’s clients receive high quality, creative senior-level transactional advice to the global life science sector (drugs, devices and diagnostics). Ferghana creates and executes strategic transactions for growth or and for shareholder value.







Our Reach

Ferghana conveniently has offices and strategic partners around the world.

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