Dr. Terrance C. Coyne

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Terrance C. Coyne has re-joined FPG as Chief Medical Officer after several years in the biopharma industry. He will provide advice to FPG with respect to clinical development and scientific matters related to current and prospective clients.

Dr. Terrance Coyne is currently an independent CMO and consultant. He was formerly the Chief Medical Officer at Asklepion Pharmaceuticals.

Prior to that post, Dr. Coyne was the Executive Vice President – Medical Affairs and R&D, and Chief Medical Officer at Greer Laboratories; Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President – R&D at Ventrus Biosciences; Chief Medical Officer and Vice President Clinical Development at Encysive Pharmaceuticals; Senior Vice President, Chief Medical and Regulatory Officer at Metaphore Pharmaceuticals; Managing Director/Chief Medical Officer at Ferghana Partners Group; Vice President Business Development, Medical & Scientific Affairs at Celltech-Medeva Pharmaceuticals; Vice President Bioapplications and Pharmaceutical Affairs at 3M Corporation; Technical Director, Global Head of R&D at Riker Laboratories; and Director, Clinical Research – Pharmaceutical Products at Abbott Laboratories.

Dr. Coyne received his B.S. and M.D. degrees from the University of Wisconsin.