Dr. Mitchell Ng


Dr. Mitchell Ng joined Ferghana as a Medical Affairs Advisor in 2020 to augment the firm’s medical and scientific expertise. He is providing guidance and value-driven analysis related to FPG’s transactions in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and orthopaedics.

Mitchell is currently an orthopaedic surgery resident at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. Mitchell has published over 30 manuscripts, 40 posters/podiums, and 3 book chapters. He is a reviewer at several leading medical and orthopaedic journals. Mitchell previously served as a junior analyst at Ferghana Partners. He is also CEO and founder of Thessalus Capital, a healthcare investment fund featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, and CNBC.

Dr. Ng received his B.A. from Princeton University, majoring in molecular biology and graduating with honors. He received his M.D. from Case Western School of Medicine, where he graduated with honors in research.