Lacarya D. Scott, AB, MS, MS, MBA

Senior Transaction Advisor

Lacarya joined Ferghana Partners in 2017 in order to provide coverage of US West Coast clients and prospects as well as to deepen Ferghana’s M&A and Financing capability across the drug, device, and diagnostic fields covered by the firm.

Lacarya has over 12 years of experience in the life science space on both the buy-side (via Hedge Fund investment firms) and biopharmaceutical companies, making principal investment decisions in taking equity positions to advising on merger and acquisition transactions as well as executing capital raisings.

Lacarya began his career at Life Technologies (formerly Invitrogen Corporation) as an Associate in the M&A group, working on all aspects of M&A deals from target selection, financial analysis and valuation, to presenting transactions to the Board for final deal approval, totaling $1.5B. Lacarya developed a specialized DCF valuation model and an M&A model for use in all acquisition contexts at Life Tech. On the financial front there, he also performed capital structure analysis for issuing stock or convertible debt and obtaining a credit revolver facilities. Thereafter, Lacarya worked at Caxton Associates, a $15B global macro and sectorial hedge fund, investing in many public and private biotechnology companies, serving on the Boards of several companies, and arranging exits via strategic sales. One notable exit was the sale of GeminX to Cephalon for $525M which transaction generated a 4x return over a 3 year holding period. Lacarya has served as VP Business Development and Corporate Strategy at several other private and public life science companies, such as Mesoblast and Liposeuticals, completing M&A, equity raises, and licensing deals, both in the USA and abroad.

Lacarya graduated from Princeton University with an A.B. in Molecular Biology/ Biophysics. Lacarya also completed an M.S. in Biology at NYU, with a research focus in Biological Chemistry, an M.S. in Engineering Biotechnology at University of Pennsylvania and an M.B.A. in Finance at The Wharton School.