David B. Weinstein

Chief Scientific Officer

In Memoriam 1996-2016

Dr. David Weinstein joined FPG in 1997. David leads the analysis of the existing and emerging technologies, and science of both established and young Pharma companies and their Biotech counterparts. In addition to basic science diligence, David also covers Clinical Development and competitive product/technology assessment and clarifies how best Ferghana clients can present their complex scientific and technical achievements.

Retired from Sandoz Pharmaceuticals upon the creation of Novartis in December 1996. As Executive Director, Research Collaborations and Technology Transfer for Sandoz Pharmaceuticals from 1995-1996, David led their US effort in finding and establishing alliances with Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies of excellence. David joined Sandoz Pharmaceuticals in 1983, fulfilling a number of roles in the area of metabolic disease as well cardiovascular and atherosclerosis research (his team launched Lescol in April 1994). From 1972- 1982, David was an Assistant Research Biochemist and then Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego. David has written 49 peer-reviewed publications, 8 invited reviews and 2 book chapters.

PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Chemistry from Brooklyn College