Rajiv Khosla, Ph.D, MBA


Rajiv joined Ferghana Partners in 2017 to provide its global clients with his deep expertise in corporate partnering transactions (inward and outward) as well as with practical, realistic operating advice for policies and programs, serving as an experienced “industry” sounding board.

Rajiv has over 25 years of experience in the life sciences worldwide in the drug delivery, pharmaceuticals, medtech and biotech fields, predominantly in business development.

Rajiv began his career in drug delivery product development (Merrell Dow and Tillotts Pharmaceuticals in the UK) before transitioning to Business Development in Europe (ISP in the UK/EU) and subsequently in Asia (where ISP moved him to Singapore for 2 years). Rajiv was then transferred to the USA to ISP’s headquarters in New Jersey. His career continued with increasing roles of responsibility to General Manager at ICI in NJ. Rajiv later went on to join Biovail as Vice President, Business Development where he concluded numerous licensing deals over five years there. Most recently, he has been CEO of a drug delivery company Intelgenx and CEO-Founder of an anti-viral biotech company, ViRAZE.

Rajiv graduated from the University of Nottingham (England) with a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and then a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science. He also has an MBA from Henley Management College. Moreover, Rajiv has credentials allowing him to act as a licensed Pharmacist (UK).