Medical Devices

The Medical Device field involves hardware that includes a broad range of products: an apparatus, an instrument, an implant, all of which are used to identify, locate  or treat disease conditions within or on the human body. The equipment ranges from the most basic surgical instrument or traditional X-Ray/PET/MRI equipment to the most sophisticated orthopedic and cardiovascular implants (coronary/peripheral stents) to telehealth/monitoring systems.

Our Focus

The Medical Equipment and Devices Industry is a broad one which ranges from the most basic surgical instrument or traditional X-Ray equipment, to the most sophisticated biomaterials-based orthopedic implant or coronary/peripheral stent. Products in this latter category tend to have a high intrinsic value and are frequently employed in critical care situations.

Members of the Ferghana team have executed a broad range of transactions in the Medical Device industry, including Partnerships, Acquisitions, Divestments and a variety of Financing transactions.

INCIRLIK AIR BASE, Turkey -- Staff Sgt. Vicki Cryer (left) and Dr. Derya Sire discuss a chest X-ray.  Cryer is radiology technologist assigned to the 39th Medical Group.  Sire is a Turkish radiologist who works part time here.  (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman Joseph Thompson)

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