Ferghana, acting through both Ferghana Securities Inc., its NASD/FINRA licensed subsidiary in the USA and Ferghana Partners LLC, its London-based affiliate with FCA licenses, creates and executes Equity Financing for its Client companies, primarily Private Placements (a “PP”, for private companies) and PIPEs (for public companies). Ferghana occasionally organizes debt financing or royalty-based financing for Clients.

The Private Placement and PIPE process involves, among other things, tracking the constantly changing investment appetites of the decision-makers at those firms that invest in Life Sciences. As Ferghana often acts as a strategic advisor to most of the companies for which it undertakes a PP or PIPE, its ability to articulate the scientific and clinical achievements as well as the business strategy of its client is greatly enhanced and, for the same reason, its credibility with investing institutions is increased.

While work on the Information Memorandum (PP or PIPE) and the slideshow presentation to investors is under way, Ferghana will also produce a tailored list of key investors to whom the investment opportunity will be presented. Ferghana’s experience of, and regular contact with, investing institutions enables it to highlight the most probable investors to approach for that specific context and thus saves the client’s scarce time and management resources. Ferghana’s financing team will advise the management of the Client company on the pricing of the financing and will assist Board/management in creating, and then negotiating, the other structural elements and terms that often arise with lead investors/syndicates.

Ferghana is also mindful of the opportunity presented by the Financing process which often begins by familiarizing [by a non-deal roadshow] the broader investment community in North America and in Europe with a little known private or public company and its investment attractiveness, with an eye to a later Initial PP or Public Offering (IPO), and later still a PIPE, or a follow-on sale of public securities.


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